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If anyone has used a services that has requested you to link your bank or ‘sign up with your bank’ it would be good to know how your experience was. What worked? did doing something with your bank make you feel weird?

I have a few things linked to my monzo, IFTTT and a receipt thing that someone from the monzo community did

IFTTT was a bit of a faff to set up, had to keep trying to link it but worked after a few attempts.

It’s weird because for years banks said to never allow anyone else access to your account, so I know a lot of people are still very cautious. If I trust the service I’m linking to them it’s fine. You can always disconnect at any time


I have used Revolut to attach my Monzo account. Their implementation is in closed beta but already very good. It clearly states in plain English how your data is used and the actual authentication is pretty seamless. Updraft a similar story very easy UX.

On the flip side Plum is awful. Constant connection issues and managing it through a FB chat-bot doesn’t make it any more convenient

good to know! would love a look at the Rev open banking flow - are they using TrueLayer for that? If anyone has screen shots of it send them our way.

I have used Plum before - I had a few issues too but once I was in, I ended up saving loads! Actually helped me out when I had an unexpected expense had to pay. I hope they fix the OB flow 'cos I really like what Victor and the team are doing.

Sure here are a few screenshots, :


Great! Thanks for this @anthony - go to town :rocket:


More behind the scenes updates…

Apparently product shots are a spectator sport


So this is now widely available and they have confirmed a special partnership with TrueLayer