Covid renter product - needs your feedback!

As you might have heard, we’ve been working on some tools to help renters.

This is a planner to help renters calculate a reduced rent payment plan with their landlord - it’s a work in progress (still fixing some bugs).

Have a look and let me know what you think - would this be useful for you?

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First this is amazing! Only piece of feedback is Currency/Localisation. I know Fronted is launching in the UK Market but tools such as these are needed world over right now.

Suggestion you have a currency selector to adjust the formatting to the users local currency?

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I understand there are nuances with government payments and policies but if you include a caveat this tool was designed for the UK market I can still see the use of the maths being done / email template generated

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Hi guys,

Nice neat product, easy to use and clear.

I would recommend that you feature two emails to send to a landlord, one that you are now out of work and unable to pay any rent but then attach a proof of loss of work from your employer and proof of application for universal credit to ease their mind.

The second should detail that you are working but at a reduced rate hence the offer.

Appreciate your are draughting currently, the language in the email could be a bit more warm and engaging and before progressing to this there should be links to current government advice to stop renters being bullied?

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Hi Lee - thanks for your feedback.

We have a few things in the backlog that answers a few of these points. Thanks for the feedback on the email copy we will give it another review. Feel free to send this page onto other people who might find it useful. We are planning on getting the first version out this afternoon/today at some points.

An update on this one - we are setting the first version of the tool live today - thank you for the feedback!

@Tom going caveat on the posts going out that this is the UK version and @Lee1 we’ve relooked at the email copy to be more engaging as that was vital. For the moment we are doing the one email template but if there is use of the tool we’ll be able to create versions for what renters need.

You can check out the tool here.

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