Fronted Logo Design

Here’s a sneak peek on our first two logo options.

It’s a work in progress but we want to know what you think. Do you have a preference or does it make you think of anything?

We welcome strong opinions :ok_hand:

Option 1

Option 2


Definitely Option 1 out of the two.

Option 1 Feedback

I like the typeface, its easy on the eye, modern and clean. It seems like your ethos is to make things simple for your customers, the logo should match that.

As for the icon, I like the idea behind turning a key into an F, not sure why you are also trying to make it look like a flag? The flag takes me away from what you actually do as a company. I feel like you’re trying to symbolise a “To Let” board with i, however, I think it’s lost in translation and I have to think about it to see it.

Option 2 Feedback

I’m not sure there is anything I particularly like about Option 2, the typeface is alright, it doesn’t offend me but Option 1 is easier on the eye. Like I said above, i’d like to see it kept simple.

As for the icon, well there’s not much I can say about it. I really don’t like it personally, it’s not clear. It’s not obvious and if you really look… a little phallic … sorry

I really hope that’s not just me that see’s that

I much prefer the two colours together in Option 1 also. Happy to help any more if you want it and I hope I have not offended anyone :slight_smile:


Not offended at all, love the feedback! Tell us any other thoughts, what do you think of the icon?

1st icon, I like the idea but feels more like a flag than a key. It could be interpreted as some sort of travel related brand in my opinion as it could be thought of as a flag having been planted somewhere on the globe.It seems to say travel to me slightly more than homes & renting. If it could be made to feel less flaggy(yes i know that’s not a word), it could be great!

2nd icon, feel like I said my main problem with it above :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: I do however like the style, but i’m just not sure what it says about the company, If I didn’t know you were called Fronted, I’m not sure I’d of known it’s an F, however, that’s hard to be certain of because I do know you’re called Fronted and so I immediately see the F

TBH I like elements from both. I prefer the font from option 2 but I think the Icon is stronger
in option 1. However I echo @Addzy it does look a bit too much like a flag.


Option 1 is better but I think you might want to rotate the angle of the logo somewhat. From a distance it looked a little like the disabled wheelchair logo by having the circle at the bottom. A slight diagonal turn would resolve this!


Oh i see that now too, good spot

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Nice shout about the flag - it’s good to think about the associations of what it can mean.

Hahaha, I am glad we got :eggplant: posted within 24 hours of launch! That is an ace thing to test about what people think without the ‘Fronted’ text to see what they say, thanks @Addzy! Showing just the icon to some people now.

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It’s all the slight changes that make all the difference right? Even a slight turn can completely change the design - going to play around with the icon, see how we can balance it.

Great feedback - thanks.

No offence taken, we are interested in hearing what people think, interesting that you and a few others don’t like the flag-vibe peeking through (definitely not a to-let board! :laughing: but interesting that’s where you went). One of the concepts we have been testing with people who have used the product is helping renters understand their rights - a flag could be a nice nod to the mission.

P.S. not the first to point out the dick :eggplant:


No problem, happy to help

the to-let board was purely from me trying to work out why you were using a flag? I like the idea of a key, even with the explaining rights, still not sure about using a flag personally.

Awkward, i was talking about Squidwards nose

:joy: :joy: :rofl: :rofl:

Edit: I didn’t know you couldn’t put an image in a spoiler tag to blur it, my joke doesn’t have the same impact now :unamused:

Well it still landed :sob::rofl:

Good to know. One thing is for sure… people see different things in the first one and only a dick Squidward’s nose in the other.

I like the one you’re using at the moment

:rofl: :rofl: good to know

Yup, I’d say you summed it up perfectly :joy:

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:laughing::laughing::laughing: This one? Definitely our best work to date


Yeah, it definitely stands out :grin:


The first looks more professional and I like the look of it more :grin: (could be the nice contrast between orange & blue :ok_hand:)

But the second strikes me as more ‘playful’ - more wavey and fun :sunglasses: Are you against using the font & background from 1 with the logo of 2? :yum:

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We are going back and forth with them - it’s cool to hear what people think. I feel like most people have liked the key/flag one but like the vibe of the other one.


Much prefer option 1, love the design and prefer the font too. It looks very professional and neat.

Option 2 to me just looks like a scribble and I just don’t think it works well as a logo tbh.

Both the colour schemes look great though :raised_hands:

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Hey folks, i like these options, you’re not too far away.

I feel option 1 is better than option 2, as 2 feels a little too playful. However, option 1’s colours reminded me of TUI’s (travel company), so perhaps some new options on colours would be good. Finally, I like the key/flag logo, but I instantly thought it could work better incorporated to the font, so I’ve created a new version showing what I mean.

It may spark some new ideas.