Fronted on pause for a few months

:wave: Hi everyone.

If you haven’t heard, we have decided to partially hibernate Fronted until its safe for the world to start moving again. If you haven’t seen the statement you can read it here.

I am happy to talk to anyone who wants to know why we made this decision and what impact it will have. I also hope that other founders/startups will share what they are doing during this time, we should all be helping each other if we can.

Thank you for all your help over the last few months - lets now, support each other and get through this crisis together.

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That is 100% the right call. Also the transparency on the why is v good.

The BaseCamp guys did the same and their messaging was also great

Stay safe everyone !

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@Tom I love the quote from Hey “We’re not going to put a date on that, because nobody knows when that might be. And we’re not going to pretend that we do either” - the transparency and trust you build by saying something is unclear is so much more important than trying to set a date.

For me it’s going be about what positive contributions can be done during these strange times.

Hope you are staying safe, are you completely wfh now?

I work for a smaller business inside of KPMG and our team already worked from home regularly so not much has changed.

One thing we have noticed is more people have started tuning on their cameras during stand up and meetings so if anything the team atmosphere has got better.

But things are strange and unexpected and we have found pain points in places we never would have known. It’s going to be interesting to see what we keep from this once things return to some sense of normality.

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Yeah - I am interested to see how traditional businesses approach working from home after all of this. Surely, if its been anything other that a disaster then you’d expect more companies making it commonplace.

I do wonder if there will be rise in wfh culture but I’ve found it’s strange how even just the routine of going to work helps structure my day or even exercise. I’m keen for a bit of normality.

I’m wanting to track the changes in career paths and if there are changing property demands - no doubt if you work from home more you have different housing needs.

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Yeah a big thing which may seem obvious is life gets in the way. Loads of people in my team have kids and have to not only adjust to “my house is now the office” , they also have to deal with being a parent at work.

It’s been hard but a good learning curve. From a technical perspective we have been pretty ok as we already used loads of collaboration tools.

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