How to avoid the most common rental deposit dispute

Cleaning and unlogged maintenance issues make up 50% of disputes around deposits. In this short guide we will give you some practical tips to make sure you keep your rental deposit.

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This is my first piece on the Fronted blog :see_no_evil:

Are any other common rental terms that are confusing? Let me know if you have any, at the moment I am looking into ‘responsibility to maintain’ :thinking:

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I think it’s a great piece! I think it may be useful to hear a bit more on what constitutes fair wear and tear outside of an agreement that you make with the landlord. Are there any black and white guidelines on this?

I’d love to hear about who is responsible for white goods if they breakdown mid-contract, as that has been a point of argument on one of my previous tenancies.

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There seemed to be no clear guidelines on wear and tear @Kevin, just fairly vague overviews. I’m continuing to look into it - it seems to be a case by case basis, so the next step is getting firm examples from those who have been through it.

Ooh that is a good one! Adding it to my research pile - I’m going to look into timeframes on repairs as often it’s more than responsibility, but when you can expect things to be repaired after you’ve raised the issue. Nothing worse than no set deadline on how many times you need to lug around washing to a friend’s house or spending all your money on takeaway while waiting for a new fridge. It’s often the not knowing part that is the most frustrating aspect.

@Kevin thanks for the input Kevin.

This is a really interesting point and something I think we can help solve for people. One thing that Tiff is looking into is how we get professional levels of legal advice to renters who are asking these types of questions. If this were available in our product, would you use it?

If anyone else would find this useful just like this post.