Inspiring Women to know?

With International Women’s Day coming up this weekend, there’s no better time to highlight some amazing women.

I’d recommend Barbara Martin Coppola - the Chief Digital Officer who is running IKEA’s Data Promise to help customers understand what data is being used. Love how outspoken she is about ethical practices and holding people to account :heart_eyes:

Are there any women and projects you think need to be talked about?

There is one technology business leader that has one of the best CVs in the world. I want to give props to Meg Whitman I mean… just look at this?!? :clap:

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If you want someone to follow on LinkedIn I’d also recommend Charlene Hunter who not only has an impressive CV but amazing updates on Women in Tech :mechanical_arm:

Jessie Frazelle is awesome! She has had a huge impact on the computer science space from her work with things such as Go , Docker and the Linux kernel. She also recently founded a rad computer company from her garage!

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Wow I am going to be a Jessie Frazelle biographer by the end of this, she’s amazing! Her github bio is hilarious “A superhero with supervillain tendencies.”

Have you listened to any of the On the Metal podcast? I’m just tuning into it now

Yeah I have listened to all the first season haha. It has some great stories and the guests are all super fascinating people / basically the subject matter experts of their field.

This is a good piece on oxide :

Another person worth following is Cassidy Williams. She makes hilarious sketches about being a dev and also champions and mentors Junior people in the industry :pray:

A personal fave :


This is honestly my life

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I would highly recommend following Caroline Criado Perez. Her book Invisible Women is incredible!

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Going on the books to read - interesting as Facebook just put up a post about how they are approaching “data blindness”. Going to read Caroline’s book then come back with an opinion on the FB post :thinking: