Meetups we'd like to host

Fronted is going to host community events about Fronted, but we’d also like to host regular meetups about areas we’re passionate about. Things like:

  • Ethical tech and using peoples open banking data.
  • Data science and developing a fintech using the tools available in 2020.

But we’d like your suggestions as well. In what areas do you think Fronted could give back to, and hear from the community?


Ethical tech is super important so plus one to that! When I spoke to you guys on the phone to share my rental story one piece of feedback I had was on open banking. A lot of people I know either have no clue what it is or two are terrified at the notion of handing their deeply personal finical data to a third party.

I think with the never ending data misuse stories in the press with people like Facebook people are conditioned to be paranoid. So it would be good to explain how it works and how the data is used! Revolut have a great flow in their app which clearly breaks down what happens when you integrate with something


Hey Tom

Simon and I are happy to talk about open banking. I think what you are referring to is meetups that deep-dive into specifics around Fronted(?) which we can absolutely do!

I think the thing that gets us excited and feels like a bigger thing which can get a whole host of like-minded people together is around ethical technology. (I know it is bad for me to vote for something my company suggested but…) + 1 from me too :smile:

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A bit of both really! I was coming from the angle of data privacy, A lot of people I know at work /from friend circles still find the notion of linking your bank scary and a risk so a "Demystifying"open banking talk / a bit about how you plan to use it would be awesome.

Cool I will set one up. Do you think bringing along some other companies who are using open banking in novel ways is interesting?

Yeah that would be great!

I’d love to see Fronted be active in both vulnerable and student communities! Particularly for students (I’m a recent graduate myself) I think the rental conversation ties in nicely with financial education and the steps into the ‘real world’. I can’t speak for all, but it’s certainly a daunting and overwhelming space to navigate!


Hey Ben - good to see you.

Yeah we are very keen to speak with students about their experience. My experience was similar to you I was in-experienced managing money (in some ways I still am). Stuff might have changed since I was a student - but I think we can help a lot.

I agree - a focus on vulnerable customers has been called out by a number of people already in other parts of the community. I am going to invite someone from a consumer protection charity and an economist who works a lot with businesses focussed on these types of customers. They might be interested in contributing to some ideas here… watch this space.


@Ben completely, there has to be a better way of navigating these ‘adulting’ lessons. It can be overwhelming as a grad, trying to get a job, a place to live, may be even moving to a news city.

We’ve been getting in touch with some student unions to see what kind of advice they provide, would really want to know if they helped you out, it is such a hard thing to navigate!

Were you renting from student accomodation before you graduated?


I was! I rented from several different agents up in Leeds- all were terrible. It seemed to be every week that we heard horrific stories of Landlord exploitation and terrible living conditions.

Leeds University Union was certainly a useful source for help and advice, but I often felt that they were over-stretched and lacked the resources/power to help solve some of the problems other students were experiencing (particular horror stories of private landlords that weren’t part of an agency).

Happy to try and get a contact at the University or Business School if it’s of use to you!

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Oh no Leeds! I had a couple of mates have… a few stories about that.

Yeh that would be amazing! If you loop me in ( I’d love to chat to any of them!

As promised: Welcome @naomialexandernaidoo from the Finance Innovation Lab.

Naomi - you have much more experience in the vulnerable customer space, what are the most prevalent themes that we could pick up and bring to the attention of more people though an event series?

@naomialexandernaidoo I’ve been reading through some of the amazing events you’ve hosted at Finance Innovation Lab.

Are there any tips you had in terms of making sure to facilitate open story-sharing and candid conversations?