Our (secret) site needs your feedback

Here’s a little glimpse of the reworked website we are want to launch. We think there’s still a couple of changes to be made.

Have a look and let me know - do you get what we are doing at Fronted?


I love your new website! The design is beautiful and super accessible- really fantastic work :house_with_garden: If this is the place for feedback do say! I’d probably recommend one or two small tweaks to the copy if it’s useful!


Thanks @Ben, always open for feedback

Thanks @Ben! We’re live now and tweaked some of the copy but would love to know your thoughts about which copy you think could be improved?

It looks really nice! Only thing is I am not sure of the need for the join waitlist button multiple times /in every section.

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Love this!! Especially the ‘made in London’ tag line :slight_smile: Might be an add to have a FAQs page in future versions?

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Glad you like the tagline, have the represent our roots!

Good one, an FAQs/About/more info section is on the list of things to add :woman_cook:

Yeppo, I think we’ll do some testing on the buttons and how many to include.

Maybe we should make some button easter eggs - if you press every single waitlist button, a NEW button appears…

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I would just maybe change “get the full deposit back” to “get your deposit back in full” or “get your full deposit back”. Certainly not an expert or an English Lit student but IMO flows a tiny bit better? Once again awesome job!

@Ben would have said you were a master of English Lit, that does have flow :ocean:

Relooking at copy now, you may see a couple of changes soon…

Thanks Charlotte @lucy is on the case for FAQs!