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@Charlotte here’s where we can start to house great industry content - let me know if you or your proptech mates have any feedback :raising_hand_woman:

To kick things off, here is a great article on the different rental initiatives that’s worth a read.

“nearly 70 per cent of renters aged between 16 and 34 forking out more than 40 per cent of their pay packet on rent”

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Let me circulate this with a few people, and I’ll have a look for some articles too :slight_smile:

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Can’t wait to see what you find @Charlotte

Thanks for the pick up @Charlotte :smile:

Saw this this morning, might be of interest!

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“one couple, who paid £1,385 into the fake account.” :grimacing:

Tough read but great find @Charlotte - Simon was actually tweeting about this the other day about the need for implementation of Confirmation of Payee.

@Simon thoughts?

I think this Guardian article sums it up best…

Banks need to stop dragging their feet and get this done.

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Good shout Charlotte - it makes me question the use of ‘deposit free’. It’s not at all and that wording is confusing for the average person.

I feel like a definition of these terms is something to look into…


Thanks for the share Charlotte - what are your thoughts?

I understand that people should read the small print, but charging people rather than providing a deposit scheme (and the charges are steep) doesn’t sit well with me. They’re profiting off a serious problem!


Especially when you want to move house and have all the other aspects to handle, under all the tight deadlines to get everything filed and get your place - it’s not exactly a low-pressure situation.

Know you’re a bit of an expert on the personal finance subject (love your insta) - any tips on what people should be looking out with financial products?

Thank you! Totally - I had a horrible time with my last property trying to secure it with agents demanding thousands within 24 hours (it was very competitive to get the flat) and we also had a nightmare moving out. Thankfully our landlord was kind and knew the agents were useless!

In terms of tips, where to start?! Education is so key and it’s something we’re majorly lacking in. I think understanding the different products is the starting point and breaking down the pros and cons of them so you can use them responsibly. If only it was easy to access this information!

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Agree about the accessibility of information - it’s something I’ve been asking in another thread to try and think where we find the answers to our financial questions. There seems to be this gap, but I reckon in this community we can close it :mechanical_arm:

Your experience with the rental is very relatable - I remember the stress of trying to send money over and my banking app went down :see_no_evil: and being a bit concerned about getting all the details correct to send to. The stress!

Big selling point for Fronted :smiley: A lot of of people are forced into this option (as @thisgirltalksmoney is talking about below) because they don’t have the funds and Fronted opens up a whole new option for them which will actually benefit them instead of forcing them into something. We should be helping people get on the property ladder not punishing them for not having the upfront costs!


@Charlotte that reminds me of a conversation I was having with a lady on Twitter about how she’s been renting for 10 years and using debit cards. Now she’s trying to get a mortgage, she’s needing to rent for another four years to be able to save up enough deposit. Because she used ‘safer’ options like only using debit cards, her credit score is not up to scratch.

Choosing what’s right for you at the time (like renting and debit cards) shouldn’t make it more difficult for you later especially when thinking about getting on the property ladder.

Exactly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Charlotte.