Questions about CovidCredit

I wanted to share what our team, 11FS, Credit Kudos and a lot more were working on this weekend.

Currently, the gov relief for COVID-19 does not cover self-employed or a sole traders.

So what are you going to do but build the tool yourself? They created a proof of concept helping self-employed workers demonstrate loss of income from COVID-19 - and it just got featured in Forbes :mechanical_arm:

The site is live and we need your help to get the support to those who need it. Let us know if covid is affecting you or if someone you know is self-employed, or if you have any questions in this thread :arrow_down: :arrow_down: :arrow_down:

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Hey sounds interesting especially for people who freelance as all my friends working in events are seeing the work dry up.

Is there any updates on when the government will tell us more news about help for self-employed people? What are the next steps for the Covid Credit team?

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@J-C can you talk about any next actions or where @Rosalie can find more info?

Hi Rosalie

Thanks for your message. Current status:

  • We have a working prototype
  • We think it is good enough to start a meaningful conversation with the gov
  • We have conversations arranged with gov today and more being arranged for the week

I don’t have any information about the government’s plans to communicate with the public about alternative remedies for self-employed. But there is an official request for information from The Treasury (deadline 5pm today) for potential solutions to the problem (Covid Credit will be submitted).

Hopefully, we will have more meaningful updates in the coming days. In the meantime, please share this with people who you think could benefit. We are taking registrations which we will use to demonstrate there is a demand for a solution - you can register at

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@Rosalie there’s been some pretty exciting developments here…

Can COVID Credit be used to prove income for those on zero hours contracts (some of them are paid via PAYE too)?

There’s little information from the Gov so far about how they will be handled.

theoretically yes - but we are aware that there are use cases we don’t cater for at the moment.

Hey. First of all thank you for your effort to help the self employed. It means the world to me.

Me and my crew are all self employed, we are forestry workers, more concretely, tree planters. We work for the Forestry Commission and for the private sector, and we have been out of work for two days now. The Forestry Commission has suspended all forestry operations, and the private sector has followed suit. So we are out of work until further notice… This translates in a loss of roughly £700 per week.

Given that we all use Online Banking, and we can prove our income from our business or sole traders bank accounts, your system will provide with a solution to the problem the government has given in order to prove our loss, and income.
Since we work by season, usually from November to May, we usually don’t have a high enough income to pay taxes though Self Assessment, so your way would show the loss even for the people with low incomes.

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Hi Eva, firstly I wanted to say how much I appreciate you posting. The reality of the pandemic and how you and your team are unsure of when work will be back, must be really overwhelming.

This is happening across the UK and it’s really important to hear it from you. Thank you for sharing your story - it’s what motivates our team and why we are trying to respond in anyway we can to all the uncertainty we currently live in.

I hope you will continue to let us know how you are and I’ll be sure to check in on you as well. If there’s anything you think I can help with please don’t hesitate to DM me.