Social distancing activities

Hi all - this weekend we cancelled all our plans to meet up with people and socialise in the traditional sense. So I wanted to share a couple of things we have been doing to pass the time and have fun.

  • Cooking - I’ve made a batch of fresh pasta ready for the week.
  • Preserving - because everyone has been going crazy at the supermarkets we have been pickling, drying and fermenting food to naturally extend the life of our food. Think kimchi, dried fruit, pickled carrots etc.
  • jigsaws - found a few jigsaws in a charity shop that we are going to get stuck into should the situation get worse
  • DIY - we bought a beaten up arm chair a while ago which we are going to reupholster.
  • Covid coffee mornings - on sat and Sunday at 10am we’ve been opening an online chat that people can call into if they want to be social but are isolating

what are you doing? (if anything at all) and if you’re interested I can post coffee morning links here so you can join next time.

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  • PUBG (mobile).
  • Bought a netflix account finally.
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My wife is in America and I’m in London, looks like we’ll be separated for some time!

So… we’ve been working out how we can spend time together
Watching films together (play them at the same time while on FaceTime)
playing co-op games, lots of Stardew Valley!

She’s also discovered the joy of turning our lights off via HomeKit while i’m on FaceTime.


Ooo I would recommend doing some free courses, if you like good visual things, this free creative coding course by Tim Rodenbröker is the perfect way in.

Also get some conversations going that are not all COVID related, my roomies and I have been sharing longform articles from here then talking about them in a kind of rapid book club. It’s a good way to question more about articles and for everyone to come into a discussion with some baseline knowledge.

My favourite long-form article is currently is: “I Walked 600 Miles Across Japan for Pizza Toast”. It’s nice to read some human interaction when social distancing.

Just read that Pizza Toast article @tiffany and it is amazing! I feel all warm and fuzzy inside now.

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Haha needed after today’s announcement - no long walks outside :frowning:

A friend of mine is a scout leader, some good ideas for kids, and to be fair anyone when play games remotely.


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@nigelwalsh we’ve completed mission 1, had to get a little creative with the headwear but thanks for the laughs this morning! If you have a sec, intro yourself here.

Has anyone else got some remote screenshots they can share?


good job, looks great. Im currently sat here in a train driver hat!

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No doubt it’s perfect for people who are missing their commute!

Screenshot 2020-03-25 at 12.24.41

No jokes around the fat controller!

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Would never! The only thomas the tank engine joke I have is that lockdown feels like this: