Startups that have caught your interest

I am curious what other startups have caught your eye recently.

For me it has to be Hey by the Basecamp guys. I 100% agree with their opinions on Email and am exited to see what they build! (also the domain must have cost them a small fortune)

oh snap Jason wrote a blog post!


We’ve been asking the same question on how they got that domain - @jkimbo we finally have the answer!

On both cool startups and domain acquirement - London legends purpl - if you ever wanted to host an event but not do any of the logistics, they are the ones to go to.

Purpl also have the craziest story on how they acquired - let me see if I can get Ali to talk about it :thinking:

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Wooo, hello there! Thanks for mentioning purpl :heart_eyes:

I know now might not be the best time to plan events due to COVID-19, but we’ll be working on amazing features in the meantime so you’ll be able to use an even better version of purpl after the outbreak!

I can’t write much about how we acquired just yet :see_no_evil: – but I promise I’ll share the story at some point on our blog and then post it here! What I can say, is that we got it 100% legally, in about 2 months, for under £2K, all costs included. :ok_hand:

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Really curious to try out Hey too! I found out about it a while ago, I really hope I’ll be able to get (unlikely).

Anyways, there’s so many interesting products/startups I stumbled upon recently!

  • Grid Diary (griddiaryapp dot com): amazing app. Really changed my life! I committed to using it for a year, set up my own questions and literally self-reflected every day thanks to this. Strongly recommend it
  • Superhuman (superhuman dot com): for those who don’t know it, this was also a life changer for me. I rarely used a product with such huge attention to detail + a responsive team that feels incredible approachable (send them feedback every week!). I didn’t expect an email app to change my relationship with email but hey, here we are.
  • Compose (compose dot im): interesting Superhuman clone, for all your IM channels. Still early stage, but really cool
  • Refund Giant (refundgiant dot com): for travelers, this is awesome! The company got HMRC’s approval to digitise the VAT refund process entirely. Result: get your VAT refund in 24 hours with only a 15% commission instead of 70%. They’re currently at YC! No-brainer.
  • Pillion (pillion dot bike): for bikers out there. Seems super useful, very niche, it’s awesome.
  • Rocket (matthewpalmer dot net slash rocket): for emojis lovers like me :heart_eyes:. Brings the slack emoji picker across all your apps (Mac only)

I’m sure there’s a bunch of other ones worth checking, will share more if I think about them!


Love the stressing that it WAS LEGAL :joy:

Oh no! It feels like everything is shutting down at the moment because of COVID-19.

Wondering if there will be any startups off the back of this :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

There definitely will! Remote tools + digital entertainment + delivery services are going to do very well in the next few months! I suspect this crisis will create a mindset switch, especially towards the relationship people have with their workplace.

I also think this situation will have an impact on how fast tech trends are going to get into politics in the near future. It should accelerate adoption of remote voting (look at the situation in France with elections on Friday), live recording / transparency of decision making, etc.