Welcome to Fronted

Welcome to the Fronted community.

Pull up a chair, make yourself at home. “Simon put the kettle on!” This is a direct line to Fronted and the place for everyone to share their thoughts on the rental sector.

A bit more info on this community:

  • It is for everyone. People who need to use Fronted, people who are interested in the company, the product, the people etc.
  • Fronted will post questions here to get feedback and start conversations that help us make the best product
  • You should join the community if you are a renter. You should also join if you like helping companies do better work or if contributing to projects makes you feel good (everyone who talks to us here will leave a mark on the way we do things.)
  • You can stay here and ask us a question, reply to someone else’s question or you could head to our blog where we post longer, more editorial-style thoughts.

Thank you - chat soon.

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