What are your goals for 2020?

With the near year well underway what goals have you set yourself this year?

For me it is going to be to try and meditate for at least 30 minutes a day :sparkles:

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How are you getting on? I used Headspace for a while - had a pretty good run. Then the voice started to annoy me so I stopped using it. Then, oddly, cos I wasn’t using the app I stopped meditating :man_shrugging:

I am being more practical - well, trying to be. As an example: I bought a chair for my girlfriend and I to reupholster and I bought a wardrobe to build.

… The chair is currently un-upholstered and the wardrobe is broken. So far so good!

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I am using Headspace and so far so good. What is helping me is ensuring I block out the same 30 minutes every day to form a routine.

Also key not to be too hard on myself if I miss a day. I think once I came to terms with that it made it way more enjoyable and less an obligation to myself if that makes any sense?

But as a whole meditation as a practice has been lovely!

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Completely makes sense! It’s fine to miss a day and only makes it harder if you feel you can’t come back to it.

My goal is a bit rogue, it’s to perfect making halloumi. My roommate and I have become slightly obsessed with Gavin the Cheeseman on YouTube and it seems really easy.

But might need the meditation when it proves that cheese making is more difficult than it seems.

That is amazing! Also I am fully prepared for the Gavin the Chessman YouTube spiral I will find myself in this evening. :upside_down_face:

A spiral I have been down many times - it is half ASMR, I swear! Will keep you posted on the cheese journey…

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Thank you for getting me and my flatmate hooked to a cheese based YouTube channel 2020 is off to a strange start. I now also have an urge to take up cheese making :upside_down_face:

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Haha it’s insanely addictive right, and a great start to 2020! My roomie and I just ordered a thermometer and big pot so things are getting real. Will let you know if you can trust Gav or if it’s harder than it looks.

Update we are planing to make some Boursin based on his video this weekend, Will let you know how it goes haha

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:man_cook: It can only go well, I believe!

@Tom how did the cheese go? Will there be a new contender in the fromage scene?

We didn’t find the time :sob:. Howerever a friend is coming over Thursday and we have somehow convinced her to spend part of her evening making chesse with us haha.

I want to go back and add a goal…

I made Kimchi :smile: and, as everyone in the office knows all too well, I’m pretty pleased with it.

Haha love the recruitment of more people into the cheese game! No pressure though - I am yet to make my halloumi too :grimacing:

Not everyone can be on @J-C’s level - he brought in homemade kimchi and it is… v good.

As a huge Kimchi fan v Jealous!

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I’ll make sure I make a batch before our first community event

In general I’m going for a “Year of Health” (I usually get super depressed by setting specific goals cause life always finds a way to ruin it – but been walking a lot more, eating healthier, and definitely claiming BeatSaber to be healthy :joy:)

In terms of finances though my goal is to have my house deposit goal completely saved up this year :muscle:

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BeatSaber is better than any gym arm day.

Ooh nice about the house deposit - what kind of area are you looking to buy?

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This is still a bit TBC because I’m waiting to hear something back from work.

It’ll either be West Yorkshire or wider Derby area though! (Decent connections to London :eyes: and family :roll_eyes:)

As someone from Yorkshire, I fully support you on your mission :muscle: