What are your side projects?

I am one of the core maintainers for a couple of popular open source programming libraries: https://github.com/graphql-python/graphene and https://github.com/graphql-python/graphene-django

I don’t spend as much time on them as I wish I could but it’s quite rewarding to help people out with problems and create new features for them.

What side projects does everyone else have?



I have way too many (unfinished) side projects to list :cold_sweat: But my main one is Doppler, a music player for iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/app/doppler-2-music-player/id1468459747

Lots of people still prefer to buy music over streaming it — whether to support their favourite artists, because the music isn’t available to stream, or because they just prefer the whole experience.

I started working on Doppler a few years ago because I wanted a better music player for the way I listen to music. Turns out a lot of other people are the same, and I’ve been working on it since!

It’s a great project to try out new tech, and now that the app is maturing a bit I can start to layer on some features that even streaming services don’t have (coming soon :eyes:)

Curious to hear what other people are working on, and what keeps you motivated!