What have you been cooking lately?

Our team was sharing recipe ideas this morning as we really need some inspiration from each other

  • @Lucy: Butternut squash coconut curry
  • @shauns: Roasted vege, topped with parmesan at the end to boost the flavour
  • @Lambro: slow-cooked meals as you get to check on them during the day as you work from home

If you managed to get pasta

  • @edw: Broccoli, penne, salt and pepper and good olive oil
  • @jkimbo: Smoked salmon and tagliatelle

What’s everyone cooking during this social distancing? Bonus points if you’re recipe works with the current shelf shortages

Just got a whole thread of advice as well

pasta: get a couple jars of ready to use pesto — it’s not as good as fresh, but it lasts fine in your cupboard and is honestly good enough. finish with a sprinkle of pine nuts if you’re feeling fancy!

my lil broc recipe:

  • wash tenderstem broc
  • arrange on baking tray and coat in olive oil (you wanna make sure they’re fairly well covered in oil, but not sitting in a pool of it) and lightly salt
  • roast on 160C (fan) for 15-20 mins (they’re done when the tops are crispy and you can push a fork through the stem with little resistance)

if you have any sumac, toss the broc with a little olive oil and the sumac. if you don’t have any, some lemon juice works great too!