What requirements are normal/strange from a rental?

So when you sign a contract you’re obviously opting in to the rules and requirements that they enforce.

A lot are strong on pets and/or smoking in the property
Some are very strict on decorating
Some add rules about how many people can be there at once :thinking: (Try stopping a James party :joy:)

Mine has now enforced an automatic water stopper if there’s constant water for more than 10 minutes (after flooding in other apartments in the building)

I’m curious what rules have been set that you thought were commonplace - but was just the landlord (or whomever manages the listing) being overzealous :thinking:

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Really good questions.

There are a few people that might be able to answer some of these better than us. The team at Generation Rent are very good and pretty well respected. I will message Georgie who runs the comms to join and hopefully share some answers with you - I think they would be the first point of call for some people to get answers.