Where do you get financial info?

I’ve been thinking about how when people are looking up finance help, it’s usually because they are under a high-pressure situation already, leading them to ‘make do’ with options.

@Ben brought up a good point on another thread people needing more financial education.

I’ve can’t stop thinking about this and what is actually out there. I rely on friends and family (or my other advisor, google) but they are generally out of the finance world themselves and just tell me what they’ve done.

Does anyone subscribe to anything or is there anything you actually keep up with?

Or is there just a massive gap?

Typically advice comes from family, or Martin Lewis (genuinely the amount of stuff I’ve learned from this guy is ridiculous).

I suppose it also depends on exactly what advice I’m looking for like I’m :soon: going to be getting a mortgage so I’m definitely doing a fair bit of Googling and looking at different sources to see what is the consistent feedback!

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Martin Lewis is great but he’s very much targeted at parents - there is such a gap (which I am hoping to work on bridging) for Millennials and Gen Z. Our parents don’t understand the issues we have today - not their fault but they didn’t have the same issues at all.

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Definitely fair to a point - but I’ve still learned a lot from him even in my GenZ world! Good luck with your work though - would be great to see anything you have to share!

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My Dad is full of wisdom so I often check with him then do some internet comparisons as well. Another big one is word of mouth. I would never have opened my Monzo account and become passionate about FinTech if it wasn’t for my pal raving about them.

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That’s how I got onto Monzo the same way, a pal raving about them. People don’t seem to have a neutral reaction to Monzo.

It does seem to be that people get financial education from quite a close circle :thinking:

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Yeah I think there is this implicit circle of trust with friends and family. With so many people entering the market it’s hard to decide which services are worth your time so those opinions matter.